First Misty Blogpost!

Some might be asking themselves – why this Misty blog?
Well, I actually have quite a few reasons. Very good reasons in my oppinion..!

I have lived in three different cities throughout my life, along with travelling whenever I get the chance (and the money hehe..). This means that my family, friends and loved ones are spread around the world, who I am mainly able to stay in touch with by the means of the (almighty) internet.
This leads os to my first, and main reason: By keeping a blog, I automatically strip my loved ones from any excuse of not knowing what I am up to…


Now they will always know if i have died my hair, turned vegetarian or got a turtle.. you get the drill, right!

Nevertheless, this does not mean that I intend on keeping a personal blog. Only parts of it will be about my everyday adventures, travels, hairstyles (lol) and experiences.

What I also want to focus on, are the sources of my everyday inspirations and influences.  This will be my way of documenting all the excitning colors, patterns, ideas and visions I might stumbel upon, meanwhile hoping to pass those on for your encouragement!

Whatever creative projects might come across my way and the process of visualizing those, I intend on letting you guys in on that aswell!

Last but not least, get ready for a great deal of OOTD posts coming up!! Since I generally express myself through my personal style, I thought I might aswell go ahead and warn you already. Hihihi!

To sum up – what NOT to expect on Misty Blog:

  • Foodporn or healthy vegan recepies
  • Correct english spelling and grammar
  • Sexy yogaposes in magnificent scenery
  • Political discussions
  • Pics of my ass or (non-excisting) abs

Well – another promise that I hope to keep, is to “keeping it short” and hopefully pretty “simple” allthough that might be overly optimistic, given my talents of talking (to much) and making almost everything pretty complex… Lets see!

Hope you will join me in this new (online) adventure! I am looking foreward to share!  ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


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