A little trip to VIÐEY island


One of the main perks of being Icelandic, is all the magical nature you get to enjoy. In my case it was always close by, and a big part of my childhood. Now it is there when I visit, where I grab every chance I can to get lost in the mist, the moss and the mountains. Last time I was home on my Island, my little getaway was to an even smaller island outside Reykjavík: VIÐEY

I went there with my two siblings and stepdad. I went alone for a small walk, it was windy but sunny. All the flowers, herbs, moss, mountains and shades of blue out in the horisont filled my head with ideas and I felt so content. I know it sounds corny, but I get so grounded and calm, in those moments alone with nature.. Only hearing the birds sing, the wind in my ears and bees flowerhunting.

A view over Reykjavík ! Some people call it a village on steroids haha!


As the romantic I am, I love old traditions. Here is one cute tradition for you guys: In Iceland we call this flower on my chest “Gleymérei” which means “forget-me-not” Lovers and friends give it to each other as a gesture of love. It sticks to your clothes, where it stays on for one day, reminding you of the friendship and love you share.


Over and out!



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