A Misty Day #2


IMG_3768Feeling: Soooo cozy and relaxed, tired after a long week with work and a night out! Happy to be in good company, relaxing a whole day!

Wearing: Actually evertything from Monki… hihi! You get tempted while working there, all the good buys…

Funniest moment: While me and my friend were playing with the turtle, that we are babysitting. We all hung out in a big cozy bundle in the sofa, our turtle crawling around ❤


Favorite meal: The “breakfast” (or should you call it lunch, when it was at one o clock haha!) we made, with fresh strawberries, blueberries, coffee and fried eggs… we made bread with nutella and strawberries, that was soooo nice !!!

Today’s discovery: That i actually enjoy watching a realityshow, where people compete in baking..LOL!  looks sooo nice, and they are actually pretty artistic when they make those crazy cakes!!

Today’s biggest challenge: Today was actually very easy.. free from conflicts and big challenges! So nice!

Hope you enjoyed your sunday aswell my loved readers ❤



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