My PALENESS – Hence the name!

It is funny how a thing like your skin tone affects your life. Somehow there is always an opinion about your skin color, no matter the shade. In my case, the problem was being to PALE. So here is a little story about my skin-tone-struggles, and ultimately also an explanation to my artist name!.. Long post alert! hihi.


I was born in Iceland, containing the notorious irish ginger genes, and raised on an island where the sunshine is not intense at all. Iceland is very far north, and from an evolutionary perspective, Icelanders would not need sunscreen genes in their physical inventory. Instead, we get freckles! Alot of them, and also a painful sunburn of course – if we dare to fly out from our island onto sunnier places in the south.


I am the type that brings the 30-factor sunscreen, prefers to sit in the shade and gets dizzy rather quickly in everything more than 20¨C. Yep! That is me! To be quite frank, I actually love the rain and prefer hiking instead of the beach. Wonder if those are things that I have tought myself to like, after experiencing the other not working for me?
My pale skin is often one of the first thing people mention when I am getting to know them – especially if we met during summer…you know, season for bare legs and tanned bodies.

Some people tease my, and ask if I never get outside, since I have no tan? Others love the milky look of it, and itch for touching my soft arms. (Lol)

When I was a teenager this was actually somewhat a struggle for me. Back then it was totally in to be tanned and it often turned into a competition – “who had the most extreme bikini outlines by the end of vacation”. After years of trying, both on the beach and in the solarium, all I got was a severe skin decease followed by sun allergy diagnosis – It was time for me to accept the fact, that I could never compete in the tanning-race and my body would be forever PALE!


The process began. Whenever people mentioned my paleness or reacted like they had seen a ghost whenever my legs appeared I simply practised explaining, that I was actually allergic to sun.. So this is me, and what?

However, a crazy turning point was when I went for a two mont trip to China, with my boyfriend. For the first time I had fans- all because of my milky skin

! Hahaha! Young girls followed me around, asking for pictures, and wanting to touch my skin. Well that was definetely a first! I realized that Pale could also be beautiful, and all of a sudden I went from feeling like a ghost to being a milky princess hahaha!

Since then, time has changed and I have grown. Using Pale Mist as my artist name feels so right and symbolic. This is the last step for me, turing the word Pale around and making it my strength and uniqueness.


Pale hugs from PALE ME



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