A wedding dress is born!

Due to my fashioning history I occationally get requests to make a wedding gown! This is ofcourse absolouteley fantastic, since wedding dresses are the most fun to make and weddings are the loveliest parties ever. A succer for romance like me thriiives on stuff like that! You get to make a completely unique, beautiful gown, made only for the occation and will be worn to celebrate love! Nevertheless – wedding gowns are also one of the most demanding projects you could take on; There is so much at stake, and they are often quite detailed and luxuriously made. But I love a challenge, and I LOVE those kinds of passion-projects, collaborating with a bride in love…!
A mont ago, I got a text from an old friend and partner in creativity, where she asked me if I made wedding dresses. I answered YES! Actually, I have two on the scedule for next summer even! It turned out that she was getting married – This summer, ca. 2 months from when she wrote. At first I thought it was pretty optimistic to craft a dress on such short notice, especially where she is in Iceland, and I am in Denmark! BUT we both wanted soo much for this to happen – So we made it happen, and now the process of making her dress is full on!

We met up for a fitting, while I was in Iceland and decided on a beautiful, boheme dress. With dreamy sleeves and details on the back. The dress is inspired mainly from the hand made Rad Susie collection Cherry Dreams, and will be an exclusive, custom made Cherry Bridal!

This is sooo exciting, and I am loving this project. Can not wait to see the bride wearing it !! Feel free to follow the process on my instagram: @pale.mist on instastories! More coming up soon!



2 thoughts on “A wedding dress is born!

    1. Thank you so much ! The resault will soon be on the blog 😍😍😍 the wedding is at the end of august, then i will post pics of the bride aswell! ❀️❀️❀️


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