A Misty Day #3

Feeling: A bit tired, but motivated! I have been in great workmode this week – I am substituting for our Visual Merchandiser in Monki KΓΈbmagergade for the next two weeks. That really motivates me, since I get to think creatively and work alot with styling! But the shifts are a bit early, an I am no early bird – so I am getting into the rythm!
Wearing: Bagpack, Trousers & Shirt from MONKI (in love with this print), Shoes from Dr. Martens, custom shoelaces.

Funniest moment: When my colleague and friend stumbled out of our lunchroom with her coffe in her hand. She looked up laughing telling me that she just tripped, spilled some coffee, followed by her hair taking a dip in her the cup, resaulting in a brown coffee-stain on her wery white t-shirt, spot on the nipple…lol! Today was pretty humid, and she was forced to wear her warm sweater for the rest of the day, because of the accident haha!

Favorite meal: The strawberry-cake I just ate for late coffe-cake delight…. Uh I have to tell you guys more about strawberry cakes.. and a little bet, that I made with my boyfriend.. “coming soon” hihi!

Today’s biggest challenge: Biking to work actually! It was really windy, in the opposite direction in witch I was biking.. so it got quite challenging haha!

Peace out, aaand hugs


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