The struggle pays off – I GOT IN!!


Last friday I recieved a letter. It was a letter of joy, dreams, excitement and relief. It was a letter of acceptence, from Copenhagen Business School offering my a place on their Bachelor programme: Business Administration & Psychology (Ha. Psyk)!

I was at work when I got the news. The night before I had to borrow some of my boyfriends sleeping medicine (Natural herbs, nothing crazy haha) just to be able to sleep – I was so anxious to know what news I would get, the morning after. When I finally recieved the letter I felt so much EXCITEMENT for the next three years – all the new challenges to take on, all the interresting courses to study and new skills to gain! It is truly a dream come true, and I feel so priviliged to get this opportunity! It is so overwhelming.


Another emotion that came over me was RELIEF. To be honest, it has been a hell of a struggle for me to get accepted at schools here in Denmark. Twice I have got declied to schools. That is rough shit, when you feel so motivated and ready but you have to wait yet anoter year! The reasons why have mainly been lack of merit for my Icelandic Student Exam and Technical Degree. The Danish educational system and welfare in general is funcioning exceptionally – schools are for free and the quality of education is excellent. Nevertheless there are downsides, such as the heavy weigh bureaucracy that comes with applying to schools. The rules are stricht and allthough it is fairly easy for scaninavian people to move here for work and study, it is still a huge proces. In my case, I had to take an extra enligsh course, raise my level of mathematics and take a three hour danish test (in danish litterature history LOL). This was all in addition to my totally legitimate (but Icelandic) student exam, which I all of a sudden felt was worth nothing – and I was even the nerdy type, that never skipped class and got high grades – haha!


Long story short, I went on and fought for aligning my Icelandic exam to the strict Danish frames of education, and finally: It all payed off!!! I am so proud and grateful!
So now is the time, to place all that hard work (and bitterness that came along) behind me, be proud to be a fighter, and enjoy the extreme satisfaction of finally achieving my goal!!

I should maybe get used to wearing a white shirt now huh?.. Is’nt that what business ladies do…? Well I will wear it with style – And the one I am wearing here counts as one too, right!!

Happy feelings


4 thoughts on “The struggle pays off – I GOT IN!!

  1. Duglega gullið mitt. Falleg hugleiðing. Ég samgleðst þér svo innilega. Viss um að bæði stjórnunarskipulag og sálfræðin eiga eftir að höfða til þín. Svo hef ég þekkt klára námsmanninn Særós Mist frá því í Ísaksskóla. Þú munt njóta. Ömmuknús og Óskars frá Berlín.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ástar þakkir elsku amma mín fyrir þessu fallegu orð ! Ég er í skýjunum yfir þessu og hlakka svo mikið til að hefja námið – svo spennandi áfangar í vændum !!
      Gaman að sjá að þú fylgist með blogginu og sért að lesa og kommenta! ❤️❤️❤️
      Njótið Berlínar🇩🇪 – kossar héðan frá köben 🇩🇰


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