Strawberry-cakes Forever


After living in Denmark for a good amount of years now, having my danish boyfriend and friends teach me a thing or two about danish culture, I feel that two things have stood out foodwise.

Strawberries with cream.. true Danish delight!

Danes are very proud of their potatoes, and their STRAWBERRIES!

Every summer there comes a season where you can buy freshly picked DANISH strawberries and potaoes. During the first years of living in Denmark, I used to get quite the lecture if I ever got home with a box of spanish strawberries or regular potaotes… NO! Apparently you should only ever buy strawberries when the stawberry-season is on, and then only from Denmark!
And you know what… This is so right, the danish stawberries during strawberry season are the absolute best ones.. so sweet and juicy! Now I can never go back…
Well – this was my intro for introducing an even better thing, a by-product of the stawberry season! It is certainly the srawberry-cakes.. And it seriously does not get much better than that!
Chokolate-y almond base with vanilla cream, topped with tons of freshly picked strawberries and thin layer of jellow.
Every bakery has their own version of the cake, so it gets super interresting to taste as many as possible..! Great mission right?
Me and my boyfriend truly share the love for Strawberry cakes. This is one of the reasons for a little bet we made… It goes like this: We had to eat 9 strawberry cakes this summer (before the end of august). If we dont, we have to take a penalty.

When making the bet, we concluded that the consequence of not eating all nine cakes had to be pretty uncomfortable, so that we would be sure to hold the bet. One idea was that we would have to sleep one night directly on the floor, and another was to watch a terribly horrifying horror movie with eyes open the whole time, or jump into the disgusting and filthy lake near our apartment….Which one do you think is most terrifying??…haha!

So, right now we are more than half way trough. 6 out of 9 DONE! .. we only have one month left, will we make it..?? It means a loooot of cakes in August. haha! Lets see….!

Sweet-tooth regards


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