The Colorful Business Lady

It is funny how “being a business lady” is associated with a distinct look (you get the stereotype-visual in your head already, right?). Since I will be studying business this semester, I began wondering, about the meaning of being a business student. How does society define a business lady, and what kind of business lady do I want to become?


Most people would not guess, that someone like me would study business; I have always been the colorful, quirky and creative type that had big plans of being a fashion designer. There still a whole lot of truth in all that – I am still the same version of me, and I still dream of working in fashion, preferably having a creative business of my own. And that is exactly where business school comes in! I already did a two year technical design degree in Reykjavík, to be able to craft my own fashion, and now it is time to learn the business side of things! Also, I have a totally nerdy side when it comes to math, numbers, strategy and statistics….. So i guess i will thrive just fine in the study itself!


I am utterly motivated to start learning, I have big plans for what, and how I will use all the new knowledge, and am sure that I will enjoy all courses coming my way (along with freaking out about all the new workload haha)! But then comes the question – how do I see myself as a business student and future business lady? If you are studying business, have big entrepreneurial plans of starting your own business along with being business minded – you must be a business lady already, right? 


Skærmbillede 2017-08-07 kl. 10.30.19 PM

The real question is – how do you and how does society define a business lady? For the fun of it, I decided to google “business lady” and this came up (as expected).
Ladies, wearing suits, talking on their mobile phone, holding a pen, wearing glasses while looking busy. Well – I have glasses! I Have a mobile phone – I could do all that!
It is funny how being a business lady is associated with a distinct look. It is almost colorless – only wearing white shirts and black pencil skirts, and if you are very brave – mabye a dark blue blazer…!!!


If you ask me – this is a completely outdated stereotype. The modern day business lady is her own boss, not trying to fit into a specific frame – she wears whatever she likes! You create your own fashion, associated with the business you conduct. At least I can assure you, that I plan on being quite the colorful and playful business lady – with just as high ambitions as the ladies on the pictures, while being just as busy! My phone will just have a furry cover on it, and my shoes will have pompoms on them. 


For this post, I chose one of my most colorful outfits – holografic skirt, pink adidas, pompoms on my shoes and vivid green knit wearing no make up. The point being to show the biggest contrast possible haha! Are there any business ladies out there – who dare to dress outside the frame? I would love to hear your thoughts on this! 

Pompoms and furry regards


2 thoughts on “The Colorful Business Lady

  1. I love your outfit! 💖

    I don’t think the stereotype really applies that much to Denmark with the suited up lady since it’s not so strict, whereas other countries have really strict culture and guidelines when it comes to dress-code.

    However most business companies do have some kind of dress-code, and when I talk with friends and acquaintances, it’s not because they don’t want to wear colourful clothes but because they can’t. They don’t have the freedom to dress as they please at work.

    On the other hand, Denmark is mostly black and grey when it comes to fashion in general which is just the norm here, and thus most people dress that way at work too. (Or in my case where our dress-code is black, you just need to be creative another way)

    I would love to see more colourful ‘business ladies’. I don’t think Denmark is that bad compared to e.g. Japan where you see armies of business people in suits. I think people would dress more colorful if the work environment let them.

    On another note, ‘business ladies ‘ are as boring in their makeup as their clothes, but that’s just my opinion since for me makeup and styling are both ways to express yourself.

    Sorry for the long reply 😅
    A pleasure to read you post Mist 💜

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    1. So wonderful to see that you are reading my blog 😍 and thank you for the comment- I really appreciate it and those are some interesting points!
      It is true, that Danish fashion in general is not that colorful at all- mostly greyscale! And although I understand how many companies want to express some kind of authority or professionalism through their “uniforms” or by dress code, it just feels sad at the same time- at least I feel lucky that in Monki we are encouraged to be express ourselves through styling etc. And I guess we are “lucky” here in DK where it is not as common or strict. No business armies haha !
      lovely point on the makeup of course !! That is also a great way of expression and and big part of the styling 😍

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