Street art – Colorful blessing or plain vandalism?


One of the things that especially caught my attention while strolling the streets of beautiful Lisbon were the various forms of street art. In just one short walk, you passed tunnels and  covered in colorful graffiti, wrecked houses decorated by practicing artists and whole sides of houses displaying painted artworks.

It seems as if the authorities did not prioritize cleaning “unwanted graffiti” or just did not have the recourses to. This meant extraordinarily much graffiti and painted artworks, all over Lisbon. Some of them were obviously arranged while others seemed to have been done illegally.

The types of street art varied from down and dirty graffiti to detailed artworks. Somewhere those different types were mixed together in an appealing fusion. Some places you could almost see a story – how different street artists had come across the same wall, all putting their artistic mark on it while passing.

The all-around-everywhere street art really put its mark on Lisbon. In my opinion, the city would not be the same at all without it. The street art played a part in giving Lisbon edge, colors and personality of its own.

In a city like Copenhagen, there is tremendous effort put into cleaning and removing unwanted graffiti – thats is all fair enough, considering that it often is conducted illegally and regarded as vandalism. But I could not help feeling happy, to see how it can grow and become such a big part of a city’s personality, when it gets to play freely.

How do you feel about the pictures? Do you find this as amazing as I do…? hihi!
At least I hope you feel just a little bit inspired!



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