A small world of Japanese Kawainess – My favorite shop in CPH.


Placed in Nørrebro, at the top of Jægersborggade there is a small place of colors, joy, style and KAWAINESS! It is the Japanese fashion shop named NOABURO!


Last spring my dear friend and colleague Junko stopped working in Monki. I was sad to loose such a wonderful colleague but happy to have met the sweet and interresting girl that she is! And I was even more happy to hear the reason why she was stopping at Monki – She and her husband Jacob were going to realize their dream of opening a Japanese-Style shop in Copenhagen!


A few months later, NOABURO opened and it did not go long before they almost had no stock left! People were crazy about the kawainess, and so am I! What I am even more inspired by, is when people go on to pursue their dreams- just like Junko and Jacob did. They had a plan and a dream and they went for it.


The pictures in this post are from one of NOABURO’s events, during Fashion Week 2017. A colorful collaboration with F.L.O.C.K witch we are all wearing!


I guess todays theme is somewhat about how everything is possible with the right attitude, enough effort and a good grit!! So keep dreaming big, and then find a way to make it come true.


Kawaii smiles and kisses



2 thoughts on “A small world of Japanese Kawainess – My favorite shop in CPH.

    1. Takk elsku sæta! 😊😊😊 já það er ekki oft sem ég er í bláu !! Maður þarf að gera eitthvað í því ..!
      Gleður mig að þú skulir fylgjast með á blogginu hihi 😍😍😍❤️


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