Celebrating and reflecting on 10 Years of creative pursuit


Ten years ago I designed and made my very first womenswear collection along with making my fashion show debut. Ten whole years !? It is amazing to look back through all those years and see how different paths always ended up directing me towards working with creation, art direction and the fashion business in general. But if you had asked me back in 2007, I would never have even imagined, that I would end up studying my bachelor at Copenhagen Business School.

Three styles styles from my first collection in 2007

Since my first collection in 2007 I have made three original collections as showpieces only, and one co-lab collection for retail. I have worked in internships at small fashion organizations as well as working for a bigger brand on the actual shop-floor, getting to know all kinds of routines, big and small, in the fashion business.

I did a two year technical study in fashion design, handicraft and pattern making where I planned on applying for a fashion design bachelors afterwords. I later realized that the skill I still felt was missing was not related to the artistic process of fashion designing. I needed something much more concrete – I wanted to learn the way of the business itself.


I truly feel like i am ended up in the absolute right place. I have become aware of my creative and innovative skills and how to put them to action. I have learned the techniques for professional garment making and this next step for me, is to learn how to create a successful fashion business.

This is going to sound so corny, but i feel so grateful and privileged to be on this journey, and I am so confident that I am in the absolute right place. My heart pounds with passion and I am crazy motivated for every singe day I wake up to, learning new things, acquiring new skills and seizing new opportunities.


On the pictures I am wearing a piece from my third, and latest original Pale Mist collection. Along with jeans and top from Monki – a relevant mix of experiences out in the fashion world, illustrating some of the aspects of my journey.

Happy thoughts from


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