Overwhelmed and grateful: I won an award!

As some of you might have noticed, I recently won an award from my workplace: Monki!!! Here is the story of the process and a little more about what the Erling Persson award stands for!


The whole thing started when ballots for the Erling Persson Award got delivered to our Monki store at Købmagergade. Each and everyone of us in the store team got one vote each. The person one voted for, had to fulfill some specific Monki criteria – every vote was personal, and anonymous. 

This voting process happened in every Monki store in the world, encouraging the individual Monki employees all around the world to pick a colleague who they are inspired by or feel represent the Monki values – how great is that btw?

When the votes were in, each store manager reported to the Monki country’s managers who then chose one Monki winner for each country.

IMG_2779When I first heard of the Erling Persson Award project I was thrilled! I found it so exciting and motivating. For me, it incited a positive thought process, where you went around at work finding positive traits about your colleagues, and thinking what makes them a unique colleague. 

On a saturday night late in september, at a staff dinner with my Monki shop, my store manager stood up and made an announcement.

She told us that the votes for Erling Persson Award were counted, and we had not only found the winner for our store, but also – this same person had been picked out by the area management team to be Denmarks Monki representative, moving forward in the process.

She held the frame, close to her while reading the motivation for the award:

“This person is described as being a true Monki Ambassador, 

Always has the company’s best interest in mind,

someone we can all learn from,

open minded and including,

strong and inspiring personal style,


brings out the best in the people she works with,

always makes your day every time you work together,

compliments everybody in their daily work and makes them feel important and valuable,

always positive,

has a vibrant and engageing way of meeting the customers and is a role model for the team.” 

She looked up at me and said “This person is Særós Mist Hrannarsdóttir” and handed me the frame…!!!!!! I could feel this huge wave of joy and surprise go through my body. My whole face felt so warm and the tears began to stream down my cheeks. I held the frame up to cover my face. I had so much to say, yet I was completely without words. I felt so grateful that my colleagues had voted for me, and that they appreciated my effort so much.. I felt so loved and so overwhelmed. I realized how much it meant for me, to receive this gratification and how this motivated me even further to keep on being myself and believe in that.


Seriously, this was so amazing.. !! So hard to describe how this felt, so much love in one place and I could not stop crying!

After the dinner we went out, and I danced the night away for hours with my lovely team!

I feel so honored and grateful to have recieved this wonderfully enriching award! I will absolutely live high on this for a looong time!! 


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