A designers request for opinion – Collection Ladies Dreams.


For a while now, I have had this dream of producing a small collection of garments from LADIES for retail. On the photos in this post, I am wearing a jumpsuit from the collection but you can see the full lookbook here.

Often when I wear my pieces from collection LADIES i get requests on where to buy them. The thing is, that I only made one piece of each style – they were all showpieces and never for sale. For every request i get on collection LADIES, the urge to produce the styles for sale grows bigger.
How wonderful it would be, to see sweet ladies out there, wear their own piece from collection LADIES with style and confidence… !! I can only imagine.


This would be the first time, that I produce garments for retail as PALE MIST, where the whole thing and every detail is made by me.

BUT as the name of this post indicates, I need your help on this. Since I am obviously not able to produce the whole collection for retail, I am planning on choosing around 3 styles. That is where you come in – I would truly appreciate, if you could take time to look through collection LADIES lookbook, choose 3 styles you love the most and could see yourself wear. Then, leave a comment with the styles of your choosing (Either on this blogpost, or at the bottom of the lookbook site).


Seeing that I recently just started my bachelors degree, and have a job on the side, this dream is one of those who will slowly, but gradually come true. So this is only a teaser, since I am still wondering if this is something I should do or not… But still – I wanted to throw it out there, se what comes out of it!!


Hope you are up for it!! It would be a big help.
Yours truly dreamer


2 thoughts on “A designers request for opinion – Collection Ladies Dreams.

  1. Auðvitað rauða samfestinginn með opna bakið, ljósa smfestinginn með kögrinu yfir bakið og svarta þrönga kjólinn 😍😍
    Þú ert að standa þig svo vel ! Er svo stolt af þér elsku vinkona ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Takk elsku besta Erla fyrir svarið!! Gæti ekki verið meira sammála – allt þrennt líka uppáhalds hihi!! Og takk fyrir stuðninginn ávallt, ég er svo þakklát fyrir þig ❤


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