The blue dress of joy – a story of friendship in creativity. 


Skærmbillede 2017-07-30 kl. 3.39.26 PMHere is a little story that I want to share with you. It is a story about friendship, creative teamwork and the small, but meaningful joys of life!

In 2014 I made my third womenswear collection called Ladies. The garments were feminine, soft shaped with romantic details. For the lookbook I knew I had to find a photographer with a great eye for detail, and someone who could capture the tender feel of the collection.

Back then, I was living in Reykjavík. I was studying at Reykjaviks school of Handicraft to become a Technical Tailor meanwhile working at the local preschool. Many of my colleagues were doing the job part-time like me, while studying. There I met Kristina – a wonderful creative, studying photography, with big love for beauty in the everyday life. She captures the small things that make you happy, creates lovely pictures of a world full of magic and adventures. I remember how she used to play the piano – where even the loudest kids went quiet to listen. I remember how we used to sit by the drawing table together, enjoying water coloring with the children for hours.

It did not take long until i realized, that I had to team up with Kristina and ask if she wanted to take the pictures of collection Ladies. She had never done fashion photography before, but luckily for me, she was willing to try it out and join me on my passion project!

Kristina was so wonderfully inspiring to work with. She had a refreshing take on the art direction, great ambitions and genuine professionalism witch resulted in wonderful pictures. Kristina was able to capture the exact feeling that I wanted to communicate, through the pictures. It was truly a rewarding collaboration. She had given me the greatest gift, using her talents and skill. As a thank you, I made a blue linen dress, custom designed and made for her.

Once in a while, pictures of Kristina wearing the dress, different places around the world, pop up on my screen. Each and every time, I get this true feeling of content. It makes me so happy, to have made something for her, that she loves and wears so much! After all that she had given me, this was the least I could do to repay her!

Skærmbillede 2017-07-30 kl. 3.43.14 PM

Some days ago I got the best message – it was from her, telling me that the blue linen dress is still her favorite. It has now been over three years, since I made her that dress. I find it so wonderful, how those small joys come back to you, warming your heart and motivating your creativity. I feel so grateful to have worked with her, and feel happy every time I am reminded of that lovely, creative trade of ours.

Skærmbillede 2017-07-30 kl. 3.18.34 PM
Happy thoughts


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