The (Love)story of Collection LADIES

Skærmbillede 2017-10-31 kl. 8.54.48 PM

Since I will be making a small production for retail, from collection Ladies I wanted to give you some insight to the thoughts and process behind the original collection!

It was made in 2014 while I was studying to be a Technical Tailor at Reykjavíks School of Design and Craftsmanship. Learning all those pattern making techniques, being around my inspiring classmates and having access to the great professional facilities, all encouraged me to make all the extra I could, out of this motivating experience – I ended up making 20 garments, lauched at a fashion show in february 2014 as an event at Reykjavik Winter Festival.



The very first idea to the designs came to me while having a cozy night at my friend Rósa’s place. She is this beautiful, passionate, creative woman with the purest energy. She was sitting in her bed, and I looked at here while we were having one of our fun nights. Behind her was this black fringe curtain in this soft candle light, reflecting the red sheets and dark colors on the wall. The whole mood, in that moment planted the first seed of the essence that became collection Ladies: Soft shapes and movements, dark shades of red, sisterhood, femininity and the fringe curtain!!!

A fun little detail here is that this actual curtain was used in the collection for some of the most dominating details. My friend went all around town with me to find this exact curtain, but it was sold out everywhere – in the end, she came to my house and gave me the curtain. She told me that if I could turn it into a collection, that would make her much more happy than having it haning over her bed.

The idea developed and I made sketches. As it evolved Ladies became a collection inspired by the female fashion icons through different time periods. Also each piece was named after one of my girlfriends – since their personalities, friendship and femininity was a big and direct influence aswell. The feminine features are embraced in the garments; soft lines of the bare back, ephasis on the waist and round shapes of the chest. Delicate details and soft colors go togehter in gracious harmony, expressing the elegance of a true Lady who embraces her body.



Skærmbillede 2017-06-08 kl. 11.18.34 PM

In my proces, I always get very inspired by materials and generally working with them at the sowing workshop. This often results in me making a completely different garment, than what i sketched in the beginning! For example, the black mesh fringe blouse was never sketched, it just came to me in the process! Now it is one of the most popular pieces, the one I get absolutely most inquiries on when I am wearing, and ultimately it is one out of three chosen items in the mini retail collection!


You can see the full lookbook of Collection Ladies here, and soon the three exclusive pieces will be up for grabs on an upcoming webshop! Wohoo!

Ladylike Love



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