A Rainbow dress for a Rainbow girl


Time for an update on the creative projects on Pale Mist agenda! Finally my exams are done and i have some weeks to breathe and create before I start my second semester at CBS.

As you have probably heard, I will be making the wedding dresses (yes – plural!) for the sweet and colorfull Mathilde but you might also know her from www.myrainbowfeeling.com !

Mathilde approached me last summer with her big smile and asked if I was up for the project. Her dream was to get married in her mothers wedding gown, which is this beautiful silk dress with an 80’s vibe. Still – it needed an upgrade, to fit beautifyul Mathildes style and unique flavour, and that is where I came in the picture! Originally the idea was only to adjust the dress for the ceremony, but we quickly found out that we just HAD to make her another dress from scratch – A true Mathilde Rainbow dress, for her rainbow wedding!


The process has been so much fun, and I will let you in on some of the first stages in this post! We started by exchanging inspiration and pictures, creating a board together in pinterest. Out of our favorite pictures, I made a moldboard and we decided on some colors.

Skærmbillede 2017-07-21 kl. 11.58.34 PM

I then started sketching like crazy from the moldboard. Over some coffee and tiramizu, Mathilde looked through all the sketches and managed to narrow her favorite designs into three dresses.. and then finally she found her favorite, her own unique rainbow-wedding-dress !

Next up was finding the perfect fabric for the gown, and for that we attended this big fabric conference! The possibilities were endless and the ideas erupted in our heads and hearts like a volcano ! All the amazing color combinations and exciting textures.. it was difficult to choose! But we made it – and by the end of november I had received the fabrics for the dress!

Next up is pattern making, cutting and sowing… along with a fitting! It will be so amazing to see this little dream-project come to life! Stay tuned – I will document the proces on my instastory @pale.mist and give you an update again soon here on the blog! Also click onto Mathildes blog for a post on the dresses and an interview with me on the dresses!

See you soon dear readers ❤



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