A Cherry Dream come true


Last summer to dreamers got together and created Cherry Dreams Collection. Since there is a new Look Book coming up on www.radsusie.com with original clothing from Cherry Dreams along with Rad Susie Vintage I wanted to tell you the story of how the Cherry Dream came true! 

In the summer of 2016 a new inspiring woman entered my life. We were co-workers, both having a great interrest for personal style and fashion. She told me about her online shop Rad Susie, which was a 70´s style inspired vintage brand. I was inspired by her passion and just a while later I joined in on the making of a look book for the shop. I was excited by the magic of her brand and her beautiful lifestyle – living with her husband and two daughters, in an old building which used to be a school, out in the idyllic swedish countryside. 


Only a few weeks later, I got a message from Stella, giving me an offer I could not refuse…. I was to design and make the very first handmade collection for Rad Susie! And so the magic began cooking and to dreamers got together in making their dreams come true, and their ideas come to life. 

We started out creating mood boards, deciding on silhouettes and collection feeling. With inspiration from the mood boards, i started sketching! I remember that I took a whole new sketchbook with me, to a vacation to Iceland, and by the end of the trip it was totally full!

We held meetings over coffee and croissants, while deciding together which styles would be the perfect fit for the original Rad Susie collection. 

A few months later we went to a fabric conference, establishing new contacts for fabric and choosing which textiles to order! The color palette was soft, shades of rose and paisley prints. 


I began working on the pattern making, and made prototypes for the first fitting! 

When the styles were ready, I started producing the collection itself – I decided that now it was finally time to buy myself some real equipment: Two professional sowing machines, an OL and a regular sowing machine. 

A while later, we had the collection ready: Cherry Dreams Collections! We were both thrilled, proud of our accomplicement and happy that we took the leap! It was amazing to work on a project with another brand, to blend our ideas and create something beautiful! 

Soon there is to be released a brand new Look Book with the original styles from Cherry dreams Collection along with Rad Susie vintage – so get ready to dive into the colors, experience the true rad feeling and claim your own exclusive piece to wear with style, from our limited edition assortment. I am so excited to share the new Look Book with you! 

IMG_1387Yours truly


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