A Rainbow dress for a Rainbow girl pt. 2

Here’s another post on the process of making the magical rainbow-wedding-dress for the beautiful bride, Mathilde Myrainbowfeeling! For the first stages on the process click on to A Rainbow dress for a Rainbow girl.

After selecting the right designs and choosing out fabric, the time was come to design and draw the pattern for the dress! The dress is made out of two pieces, a skirt and a top. The silhouette is oversized and loose fitted with many layers and frills. This ment that I had a lot of small pieces to cut out and sow together, so to keep track on what was what i had to make post it notes and stacks to sort out different parts of the dress. 

When the dress was mostly ready, we did a second fitting to see if everything was as planned! There we decided on some adjustments – some extra layers and a little extra frill on the top! 

Few weeks later – the dress was ready and we met for the final fitting!.. A funny story is, that neither of us had a stable home-base back then, so we actually did it in the basement of my school! But- despite the uninspiring basement of CBS, we managed to see the magic of the dress and were thrilled by just imagining how Mathilde were going to look in the full bridal outfit! 

Untill now, I have mainly just posted on Mathildes rainbow-wedding-dress, but soon I will do a special post on her ceremonial-wedding-dress witch was a re-make from Mathildes mothers original wedding dress from the 80’s! Also coming up, is a post with Mathildes full wedding look, wearing both dresses and a little something on the rainbow-wedding itself! Untill now, just a little sneak peak from the wedding day… So stay tuned! 


Aiiii is’nt she beautiful!? Such a uniqe and magical bride…!

For further reading check out Mathildes blog for a post on the dresses and an interview with me on the dresses! 

Rainbow love from


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