Særós Mist is the founder and visionary behind Pale Mist.

She is Icelandic, enthusiastic and very pale…. Særós Mist enjoys dancing and climbing mountains. She loves the rain, to take (very) hot showers and finds efficiency awkwardly fulfilling.

Since 2007 Særós Mist has been pursuing her creative intentions. At age 15 she debuted her first womenswear collection at a fashion show. All garments were designed by herself, handmade in her small room in Århus.  Since then Særós Mist has participated in various projects, worked with different brands, photographers and designers along with launching three subsequent womenswear collections.

After graduating with a student exam in 2011, Særós Mist also finished a degree in Tecnical Tailoring from Icelands Technical college. Currently she is pursuing a bachelor’s degree at Copenhagen Business School, in Business Administration & Psychology.

Pale Mist is all about exploring new exciting connections, embarking passsion projects and thriving on inspirations. Pale Mist takes on freelance projects that include:

  • Styling for photoshoots, videos and events.
  • Fashion collection producing, for retail in smaller quantities.
  • Unique designing and garment making for special occations.
  • Art directing and oranizing events.

Feel free to get in touch for blog inquiries, collaborations or regarding any exciting, creative idea!