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Street art – Colorful blessing or plain vandalism?


One of the things that especially caught my attention while strolling the streets of beautiful Lisbon were the various forms of street art. In just one short walk, you passed tunnels and  covered in colorful graffiti, wrecked houses decorated by practicing artists and whole sides of houses displaying painted artworks.

It seems as if the authorities did not prioritize cleaning “unwanted graffiti” or just did not have the recourses to. This meant extraordinarily much graffiti and painted artworks, all over Lisbon. Some of them were obviously arranged while others seemed to have been done illegally.

The types of street art varied from down and dirty graffiti to detailed artworks. Somewhere those different types were mixed together in an appealing fusion. Some places you could almost see a story – how different street artists had come across the same wall, all putting their artistic mark on it while passing.

The all-around-everywhere street art really put its mark on Lisbon. In my opinion, the city would not be the same at all without it. The street art played a part in giving Lisbon edge, colors and personality of its own.

In a city like Copenhagen, there is tremendous effort put into cleaning and removing unwanted graffiti – thats is all fair enough, considering that it often is conducted illegally and regarded as vandalism. But I could not help feeling happy, to see how it can grow and become such a big part of a city’s personality, when it gets to play freely.

How do you feel about the pictures? Do you find this as amazing as I do…? hihi!
At least I hope you feel just a little bit inspired!


The Colorful Business Lady

It is funny how “being a business lady” is associated with a distinct look (you get the stereotype-visual in your head already, right?). Since I will be studying business this semester, I began wondering, about the meaning of being a business student. How does society define a business lady, and what kind of business lady do I want to become?


Most people would not guess, that someone like me would study business; I have always been the colorful, quirky and creative type that had big plans of being a fashion designer. There still a whole lot of truth in all that – I am still the same version of me, and I still dream of working in fashion, preferably having a creative business of my own. And that is exactly where business school comes in! I already did a two year technical design degree in Reykjavík, to be able to craft my own fashion, and now it is time to learn the business side of things! Also, I have a totally nerdy side when it comes to math, numbers, strategy and statistics….. So i guess i will thrive just fine in the study itself!


I am utterly motivated to start learning, I have big plans for what, and how I will use all the new knowledge, and am sure that I will enjoy all courses coming my way (along with freaking out about all the new workload haha)! But then comes the question – how do I see myself as a business student and future business lady? If you are studying business, have big entrepreneurial plans of starting your own business along with being business minded – you must be a business lady already, right? 


Skærmbillede 2017-08-07 kl. 10.30.19 PM

The real question is – how do you and how does society define a business lady? For the fun of it, I decided to google “business lady” and this came up (as expected).
Ladies, wearing suits, talking on their mobile phone, holding a pen, wearing glasses while looking busy. Well – I have glasses! I Have a mobile phone – I could do all that!
It is funny how being a business lady is associated with a distinct look. It is almost colorless – only wearing white shirts and black pencil skirts, and if you are very brave – mabye a dark blue blazer…!!!


If you ask me – this is a completely outdated stereotype. The modern day business lady is her own boss, not trying to fit into a specific frame – she wears whatever she likes! You create your own fashion, associated with the business you conduct. At least I can assure you, that I plan on being quite the colorful and playful business lady – with just as high ambitions as the ladies on the pictures, while being just as busy! My phone will just have a furry cover on it, and my shoes will have pompoms on them. 


For this post, I chose one of my most colorful outfits – holografic skirt, pink adidas, pompoms on my shoes and vivid green knit wearing no make up. The point being to show the biggest contrast possible haha! Are there any business ladies out there – who dare to dress outside the frame? I would love to hear your thoughts on this! 

Pompoms and furry regards

MOSS with many faces

One of my favorite plants and natures true work of art, is MOSS ! Seriously – if you think about it, moss is really amazing! The different shades of green, the soft texture and interresting shapes… How it coveres stones and makes a natural, soft bed. I love to lie on it, love to look at it, and I love to stroke it… *sigh*
As you have probably figured out already, I find moss extremely interresting! I am crazy about moss..!! As a result, I always take a bunch of moss-pictures when I get the chance.

Here is one pic, which I took while having a wonderful walk on Viðey Island. Let me show you the many faces of moss, and all the magical colors and shapes I managed to pull out of only one picture! Hopefully I can convince you, how brilliant it truly is! (or maybe you just find me crazy after reading this post hahaha!)

Skærmbillede 2017-07-10 kl. 5.33.51 PM

In Iceland there grows a lot of moss, in different variations. In Icelandic culture, there is a deep, rooted respect for moss and a great urge to preserve it. Since it takes ages to grow, and does so in pretty harsh circumstances, it is concerned pretty brutal to rip up a piece of moss – oh yes, that makes you a bad guy in Iceland!!
Skærmbillede 2017-07-10 kl. 5.32.23 PM

Skærmbillede 2017-07-10 kl. 5.30.02 PM

Are you convinced yet….? It is pretty amazing, right?… The most beautiful things are always the artworks of nature.

Skærmbillede 2017-07-10 kl. 5.38.08 PM

As you can see, I got totally in the zone. Got lost in the color madness, and crazy shapes.. One last one!

All hail the moss!

Strawberry-cakes Forever


After living in Denmark for a good amount of years now, having my danish boyfriend and friends teach me a thing or two about danish culture, I feel that two things have stood out foodwise.

Strawberries with cream.. true Danish delight!

Danes are very proud of their potatoes, and their STRAWBERRIES!

Every summer there comes a season where you can buy freshly picked DANISH strawberries and potaoes. During the first years of living in Denmark, I used to get quite the lecture if I ever got home with a box of spanish strawberries or regular potaotes… NO! Apparently you should only ever buy strawberries when the stawberry-season is on, and then only from Denmark!
And you know what… This is so right, the danish stawberries during strawberry season are the absolute best ones.. so sweet and juicy! Now I can never go back…
Well – this was my intro for introducing an even better thing, a by-product of the stawberry season! It is certainly the srawberry-cakes.. And it seriously does not get much better than that!
Chokolate-y almond base with vanilla cream, topped with tons of freshly picked strawberries and thin layer of jellow.
Every bakery has their own version of the cake, so it gets super interresting to taste as many as possible..! Great mission right?
Me and my boyfriend truly share the love for Strawberry cakes. This is one of the reasons for a little bet we made… It goes like this: We had to eat 9 strawberry cakes this summer (before the end of august). If we dont, we have to take a penalty.

When making the bet, we concluded that the consequence of not eating all nine cakes had to be pretty uncomfortable, so that we would be sure to hold the bet. One idea was that we would have to sleep one night directly on the floor, and another was to watch a terribly horrifying horror movie with eyes open the whole time, or jump into the disgusting and filthy lake near our apartment….Which one do you think is most terrifying??…haha!

So, right now we are more than half way trough. 6 out of 9 DONE! .. we only have one month left, will we make it..?? It means a loooot of cakes in August. haha! Lets see….!

Sweet-tooth regards

The struggle pays off – I GOT IN!!


Last friday I recieved a letter. It was a letter of joy, dreams, excitement and relief. It was a letter of acceptence, from Copenhagen Business School offering my a place on their Bachelor programme: Business Administration & Psychology (Ha. Psyk)!

I was at work when I got the news. The night before I had to borrow some of my boyfriends sleeping medicine (Natural herbs, nothing crazy haha) just to be able to sleep – I was so anxious to know what news I would get, the morning after. When I finally recieved the letter I felt so much EXCITEMENT for the next three years – all the new challenges to take on, all the interresting courses to study and new skills to gain! It is truly a dream come true, and I feel so priviliged to get this opportunity! It is so overwhelming.


Another emotion that came over me was RELIEF. To be honest, it has been a hell of a struggle for me to get accepted at schools here in Denmark. Twice I have got declied to schools. That is rough shit, when you feel so motivated and ready but you have to wait yet anoter year! The reasons why have mainly been lack of merit for my Icelandic Student Exam and Technical Degree. The Danish educational system and welfare in general is funcioning exceptionally – schools are for free and the quality of education is excellent. Nevertheless there are downsides, such as the heavy weigh bureaucracy that comes with applying to schools. The rules are stricht and allthough it is fairly easy for scaninavian people to move here for work and study, it is still a huge proces. In my case, I had to take an extra enligsh course, raise my level of mathematics and take a three hour danish test (in danish litterature history LOL). This was all in addition to my totally legitimate (but Icelandic) student exam, which I all of a sudden felt was worth nothing – and I was even the nerdy type, that never skipped class and got high grades – haha!


Long story short, I went on and fought for aligning my Icelandic exam to the strict Danish frames of education, and finally: It all payed off!!! I am so proud and grateful!
So now is the time, to place all that hard work (and bitterness that came along) behind me, be proud to be a fighter, and enjoy the extreme satisfaction of finally achieving my goal!!

I should maybe get used to wearing a white shirt now huh?.. Is’nt that what business ladies do…? Well I will wear it with style – And the one I am wearing here counts as one too, right!!

Happy feelings

A Misty Day #3

Feeling: A bit tired, but motivated! I have been in great workmode this week – I am substituting for our Visual Merchandiser in Monki Købmagergade for the next two weeks. That really motivates me, since I get to think creatively and work alot with styling! But the shifts are a bit early, an I am no early bird – so I am getting into the rythm!
Wearing: Bagpack, Trousers & Shirt from MONKI (in love with this print), Shoes from Dr. Martens, custom shoelaces.

Funniest moment: When my colleague and friend stumbled out of our lunchroom with her coffe in her hand. She looked up laughing telling me that she just tripped, spilled some coffee, followed by her hair taking a dip in her the cup, resaulting in a brown coffee-stain on her wery white t-shirt, spot on the nipple…lol! Today was pretty humid, and she was forced to wear her warm sweater for the rest of the day, because of the accident haha!

Favorite meal: The strawberry-cake I just ate for late coffe-cake delight…. Uh I have to tell you guys more about strawberry cakes.. and a little bet, that I made with my boyfriend.. “coming soon” hihi!

Today’s biggest challenge: Biking to work actually! It was really windy, in the opposite direction in witch I was biking.. so it got quite challenging haha!

Peace out, aaand hugs

A wedding dress is born!

Due to my fashioning history I occationally get requests to make a wedding gown! This is ofcourse absolouteley fantastic, since wedding dresses are the most fun to make and weddings are the loveliest parties ever. A succer for romance like me thriiives on stuff like that! You get to make a completely unique, beautiful gown, made only for the occation and will be worn to celebrate love! Nevertheless – wedding gowns are also one of the most demanding projects you could take on; There is so much at stake, and they are often quite detailed and luxuriously made. But I love a challenge, and I LOVE those kinds of passion-projects, collaborating with a bride in love…!
A mont ago, I got a text from an old friend and partner in creativity, where she asked me if I made wedding dresses. I answered YES! Actually, I have two on the scedule for next summer even! It turned out that she was getting married – This summer, ca. 2 months from when she wrote. At first I thought it was pretty optimistic to craft a dress on such short notice, especially where she is in Iceland, and I am in Denmark! BUT we both wanted soo much for this to happen – So we made it happen, and now the process of making her dress is full on!

We met up for a fitting, while I was in Iceland and decided on a beautiful, boheme dress. With dreamy sleeves and details on the back. The dress is inspired mainly from the hand made Rad Susie collection Cherry Dreams, and will be an exclusive, custom made Cherry Bridal!

This is sooo exciting, and I am loving this project. Can not wait to see the bride wearing it !! Feel free to follow the process on my instagram: @pale.mist on instastories! More coming up soon!


My PALENESS – Hence the name!

It is funny how a thing like your skin tone affects your life. Somehow there is always an opinion about your skin color, no matter the shade. In my case, the problem was being to PALE. So here is a little story about my skin-tone-struggles, and ultimately also an explanation to my artist name!.. Long post alert! hihi.


I was born in Iceland, containing the notorious irish ginger genes, and raised on an island where the sunshine is not intense at all. Iceland is very far north, and from an evolutionary perspective, Icelanders would not need sunscreen genes in their physical inventory. Instead, we get freckles! Alot of them, and also a painful sunburn of course – if we dare to fly out from our island onto sunnier places in the south.


I am the type that brings the 30-factor sunscreen, prefers to sit in the shade and gets dizzy rather quickly in everything more than 20¨C. Yep! That is me! To be quite frank, I actually love the rain and prefer hiking instead of the beach. Wonder if those are things that I have tought myself to like, after experiencing the other not working for me?
My pale skin is often one of the first thing people mention when I am getting to know them – especially if we met during summer…you know, season for bare legs and tanned bodies.

Some people tease my, and ask if I never get outside, since I have no tan? Others love the milky look of it, and itch for touching my soft arms. (Lol)

When I was a teenager this was actually somewhat a struggle for me. Back then it was totally in to be tanned and it often turned into a competition – “who had the most extreme bikini outlines by the end of vacation”. After years of trying, both on the beach and in the solarium, all I got was a severe skin decease followed by sun allergy diagnosis – It was time for me to accept the fact, that I could never compete in the tanning-race and my body would be forever PALE!


The process began. Whenever people mentioned my paleness or reacted like they had seen a ghost whenever my legs appeared I simply practised explaining, that I was actually allergic to sun.. So this is me, and what?

However, a crazy turning point was when I went for a two mont trip to China, with my boyfriend. For the first time I had fans- all because of my milky skin

! Hahaha! Young girls followed me around, asking for pictures, and wanting to touch my skin. Well that was definetely a first! I realized that Pale could also be beautiful, and all of a sudden I went from feeling like a ghost to being a milky princess hahaha!

Since then, time has changed and I have grown. Using Pale Mist as my artist name feels so right and symbolic. This is the last step for me, turing the word Pale around and making it my strength and uniqueness.


Pale hugs from PALE ME


A Misty Day #2


IMG_3768Feeling: Soooo cozy and relaxed, tired after a long week with work and a night out! Happy to be in good company, relaxing a whole day!

Wearing: Actually evertything from Monki… hihi! You get tempted while working there, all the good buys…

Funniest moment: While me and my friend were playing with the turtle, that we are babysitting. We all hung out in a big cozy bundle in the sofa, our turtle crawling around ❤


Favorite meal: The “breakfast” (or should you call it lunch, when it was at one o clock haha!) we made, with fresh strawberries, blueberries, coffee and fried eggs… we made bread with nutella and strawberries, that was soooo nice !!!

Today’s discovery: That i actually enjoy watching a realityshow, where people compete in baking..LOL!  looks sooo nice, and they are actually pretty artistic when they make those crazy cakes!!

Today’s biggest challenge: Today was actually very easy.. free from conflicts and big challenges! So nice!

Hope you enjoyed your sunday aswell my loved readers ❤


A little trip to VIÐEY island


One of the main perks of being Icelandic, is all the magical nature you get to enjoy. In my case it was always close by, and a big part of my childhood. Now it is there when I visit, where I grab every chance I can to get lost in the mist, the moss and the mountains. Last time I was home on my Island, my little getaway was to an even smaller island outside Reykjavík: VIÐEY

I went there with my two siblings and stepdad. I went alone for a small walk, it was windy but sunny. All the flowers, herbs, moss, mountains and shades of blue out in the horisont filled my head with ideas and I felt so content. I know it sounds corny, but I get so grounded and calm, in those moments alone with nature.. Only hearing the birds sing, the wind in my ears and bees flowerhunting.

A view over Reykjavík ! Some people call it a village on steroids haha!


As the romantic I am, I love old traditions. Here is one cute tradition for you guys: In Iceland we call this flower on my chest “Gleymérei” which means “forget-me-not” Lovers and friends give it to each other as a gesture of love. It sticks to your clothes, where it stays on for one day, reminding you of the friendship and love you share.


Over and out!