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A designers request for opinion – Collection Ladies Dreams.


For a while now, I have had this dream of producing a small collection of garments from LADIES for retail. On the photos in this post, I am wearing a jumpsuit from the collection but you can see the full lookbook here.

Often when I wear my pieces from collection LADIES i get requests on where to buy them. The thing is, that I only made one piece of each style – they were all showpieces and never for sale. For every request i get on collection LADIES, the urge to produce the styles for sale grows bigger.
How wonderful it would be, to see sweet ladies out there, wear their own piece from collection LADIES with style and confidence… !! I can only imagine.


This would be the first time, that I produce garments for retail as PALE MIST, where the whole thing and every detail is made by me.

BUT as the name of this post indicates, I need your help on this. Since I am obviously not able to produce the whole collection for retail, I am planning on choosing around 3 styles. That is where you come in – I would truly appreciate, if you could take time to look through collection LADIES lookbook, choose 3 styles you love the most and could see yourself wear. Then, leave a comment with the styles of your choosing (Either on this blogpost, or at the bottom of the lookbook site).


Seeing that I recently just started my bachelors degree, and have a job on the side, this dream is one of those who will slowly, but gradually come true. So this is only a teaser, since I am still wondering if this is something I should do or not… But still – I wanted to throw it out there, se what comes out of it!!


Hope you are up for it!! It would be a big help.
Yours truly dreamer


Overwhelmed and grateful: I won an award!

As some of you might have noticed, I recently won an award from my workplace: Monki!!! Here is the story of the process and a little more about what the Erling Persson award stands for!


The whole thing started when ballots for the Erling Persson Award got delivered to our Monki store at Købmagergade. Each and everyone of us in the store team got one vote each. The person one voted for, had to fulfill some specific Monki criteria – every vote was personal, and anonymous. 

This voting process happened in every Monki store in the world, encouraging the individual Monki employees all around the world to pick a colleague who they are inspired by or feel represent the Monki values – how great is that btw?

When the votes were in, each store manager reported to the Monki country’s managers who then chose one Monki winner for each country.

IMG_2779When I first heard of the Erling Persson Award project I was thrilled! I found it so exciting and motivating. For me, it incited a positive thought process, where you went around at work finding positive traits about your colleagues, and thinking what makes them a unique colleague. 

On a saturday night late in september, at a staff dinner with my Monki shop, my store manager stood up and made an announcement.

She told us that the votes for Erling Persson Award were counted, and we had not only found the winner for our store, but also – this same person had been picked out by the area management team to be Denmarks Monki representative, moving forward in the process.

She held the frame, close to her while reading the motivation for the award:

“This person is described as being a true Monki Ambassador, 

Always has the company’s best interest in mind,

someone we can all learn from,

open minded and including,

strong and inspiring personal style,


brings out the best in the people she works with,

always makes your day every time you work together,

compliments everybody in their daily work and makes them feel important and valuable,

always positive,

has a vibrant and engageing way of meeting the customers and is a role model for the team.” 

She looked up at me and said “This person is Særós Mist Hrannarsdóttir” and handed me the frame…!!!!!! I could feel this huge wave of joy and surprise go through my body. My whole face felt so warm and the tears began to stream down my cheeks. I held the frame up to cover my face. I had so much to say, yet I was completely without words. I felt so grateful that my colleagues had voted for me, and that they appreciated my effort so much.. I felt so loved and so overwhelmed. I realized how much it meant for me, to receive this gratification and how this motivated me even further to keep on being myself and believe in that.


Seriously, this was so amazing.. !! So hard to describe how this felt, so much love in one place and I could not stop crying!

After the dinner we went out, and I danced the night away for hours with my lovely team!

I feel so honored and grateful to have recieved this wonderfully enriching award! I will absolutely live high on this for a looong time!! 

Celebrating and reflecting on 10 Years of creative pursuit


Ten years ago I designed and made my very first womenswear collection along with making my fashion show debut. Ten whole years !? It is amazing to look back through all those years and see how different paths always ended up directing me towards working with creation, art direction and the fashion business in general. But if you had asked me back in 2007, I would never have even imagined, that I would end up studying my bachelor at Copenhagen Business School.

Three styles styles from my first collection in 2007

Since my first collection in 2007 I have made three original collections as showpieces only, and one co-lab collection for retail. I have worked in internships at small fashion organizations as well as working for a bigger brand on the actual shop-floor, getting to know all kinds of routines, big and small, in the fashion business.

I did a two year technical study in fashion design, handicraft and pattern making where I planned on applying for a fashion design bachelors afterwords. I later realized that the skill I still felt was missing was not related to the artistic process of fashion designing. I needed something much more concrete – I wanted to learn the way of the business itself.


I truly feel like i am ended up in the absolute right place. I have become aware of my creative and innovative skills and how to put them to action. I have learned the techniques for professional garment making and this next step for me, is to learn how to create a successful fashion business.

This is going to sound so corny, but i feel so grateful and privileged to be on this journey, and I am so confident that I am in the absolute right place. My heart pounds with passion and I am crazy motivated for every singe day I wake up to, learning new things, acquiring new skills and seizing new opportunities.


On the pictures I am wearing a piece from my third, and latest original Pale Mist collection. Along with jeans and top from Monki – a relevant mix of experiences out in the fashion world, illustrating some of the aspects of my journey.

Happy thoughts from

Why be a princess? Colorful Palace and Princess thoughts.


While me and my boyfriend were on our vacation in Portugal, we went on a daytrip to the wonderful place of Sintra. We entered this enormous park, built around this colorful and magical castle. They told us that all the colors are original – the catsle was truly designed like that and must therefore have been quite special at the time in 1836.


Walkin around and inside the Palace Pena, wearing my pink princess skirt, made me feel like I was in some kind of a fairy tale. This was like no other palace I had ever seen. All the magnificent details, the vivid colors and the assimilation with nature. Palace Pena is built on the top of a hill, and you can tell how it is carved out of stone – Some walls had stones sticking out of them, in their natural form. So beautiful!

I could not help but think how it would have been, to live there surrounded by all this beauty and colors. I thought about when I was a little girl and had this phase where I dreamt of being a princess. I thought about my little sitters and nieces and how so many little girls, also have their princess dreams.
But why do we all aspire to be princesses, why not be a queen instead? She is higher in the hierarchy and does have a bigger influence, right! So why be a princess when you could be a queen!!

But why want to be royal in the first place? To be a princess you have to be born into the royal family, or to marry into it. I do not know about you, but I would probably feel quite miserable if my fate was decided for me at birth, and that I could not choose my own lifestyle, education and career paths of my own. The princesses back in the day, living in Palace Pena, probably did not do much other than look good and walk around being bored, feeling trapped.. dreaming of adventures regular girls were having.


Luckily the princesses of today have gotten fiercer than when I was a child. Take for instance Disney’s Snow white from 1938. She is described as “a young princess; the Fairest of Them All, who, in her innocence, cannot see any of the evil in the world”. Her role is to be innocent, beautiful and she is not capable of taking care of herself – the prince needs to rescue her. Today we have Disney’s Princess Moana from 2016. She is a strong-willed daughter of a chief of a Polynesian village, who builds her own boat and sails out, in the hope of saving her Island people. Can you tell the difference?


I also feel as if the real princesses today make a great effort in charity and wold peace initiatives – using their power and attention to a good cause. Take for instance last friday, where I attendet the welcoming ceremony of CBS. One of the speakers was Crown Princess Mary, who spoke as an ambassador for CSR and focused on the issues we are facing globally in the fashion industry. She is definetely a good example of a modern princess, who uses her power and influence to make the world a better place! Weither it is the disney princesses or the real-life princesses of today, they are certainly not playing the same role as back in the 1990’s. Yet all the little girls from all times, all want to be princesses. I am just happy to see this princess image change, so that the little girls out there know the importance of being independent, and that there is no use in waiting for a “rescue”.


But last question is – why do they still have to be princesses?….. If they were “regular girls” they would be much easier to identify with, right? And not to mention that almost everywhere, democracy has taken over from the monarchy. So if it is power and influence that is attractive, the little girls of the world should furthermore aspire to become politicians! haha!

Did you have a princess dream as a girl, and what kind of princess was she? Do little boys want to be princes to? If not, why not? I would love to hear from you! And isn’t the Palace Pena amazing???!

Thank you for reading!

A small world of Japanese Kawainess – My favorite shop in CPH.


Placed in Nørrebro, at the top of Jægersborggade there is a small place of colors, joy, style and KAWAINESS! It is the Japanese fashion shop named NOABURO!


Last spring my dear friend and colleague Junko stopped working in Monki. I was sad to loose such a wonderful colleague but happy to have met the sweet and interresting girl that she is! And I was even more happy to hear the reason why she was stopping at Monki – She and her husband Jacob were going to realize their dream of opening a Japanese-Style shop in Copenhagen!


A few months later, NOABURO opened and it did not go long before they almost had no stock left! People were crazy about the kawainess, and so am I! What I am even more inspired by, is when people go on to pursue their dreams- just like Junko and Jacob did. They had a plan and a dream and they went for it.


The pictures in this post are from one of NOABURO’s events, during Fashion Week 2017. A colorful collaboration with F.L.O.C.K witch we are all wearing!


I guess todays theme is somewhat about how everything is possible with the right attitude, enough effort and a good grit!! So keep dreaming big, and then find a way to make it come true.


Kawaii smiles and kisses


Street art – Colorful blessing or plain vandalism?


One of the things that especially caught my attention while strolling the streets of beautiful Lisbon were the various forms of street art. In just one short walk, you passed tunnels and  covered in colorful graffiti, wrecked houses decorated by practicing artists and whole sides of houses displaying painted artworks.

It seems as if the authorities did not prioritize cleaning “unwanted graffiti” or just did not have the recourses to. This meant extraordinarily much graffiti and painted artworks, all over Lisbon. Some of them were obviously arranged while others seemed to have been done illegally.

The types of street art varied from down and dirty graffiti to detailed artworks. Somewhere those different types were mixed together in an appealing fusion. Some places you could almost see a story – how different street artists had come across the same wall, all putting their artistic mark on it while passing.

The all-around-everywhere street art really put its mark on Lisbon. In my opinion, the city would not be the same at all without it. The street art played a part in giving Lisbon edge, colors and personality of its own.

In a city like Copenhagen, there is tremendous effort put into cleaning and removing unwanted graffiti – thats is all fair enough, considering that it often is conducted illegally and regarded as vandalism. But I could not help feeling happy, to see how it can grow and become such a big part of a city’s personality, when it gets to play freely.

How do you feel about the pictures? Do you find this as amazing as I do…? hihi!
At least I hope you feel just a little bit inspired!


The Colorful Business Lady

It is funny how “being a business lady” is associated with a distinct look (you get the stereotype-visual in your head already, right?). Since I will be studying business this semester, I began wondering, about the meaning of being a business student. How does society define a business lady, and what kind of business lady do I want to become?


Most people would not guess, that someone like me would study business; I have always been the colorful, quirky and creative type that had big plans of being a fashion designer. There still a whole lot of truth in all that – I am still the same version of me, and I still dream of working in fashion, preferably having a creative business of my own. And that is exactly where business school comes in! I already did a two year technical design degree in Reykjavík, to be able to craft my own fashion, and now it is time to learn the business side of things! Also, I have a totally nerdy side when it comes to math, numbers, strategy and statistics….. So i guess i will thrive just fine in the study itself!


I am utterly motivated to start learning, I have big plans for what, and how I will use all the new knowledge, and am sure that I will enjoy all courses coming my way (along with freaking out about all the new workload haha)! But then comes the question – how do I see myself as a business student and future business lady? If you are studying business, have big entrepreneurial plans of starting your own business along with being business minded – you must be a business lady already, right? 


Skærmbillede 2017-08-07 kl. 10.30.19 PM

The real question is – how do you and how does society define a business lady? For the fun of it, I decided to google “business lady” and this came up (as expected).
Ladies, wearing suits, talking on their mobile phone, holding a pen, wearing glasses while looking busy. Well – I have glasses! I Have a mobile phone – I could do all that!
It is funny how being a business lady is associated with a distinct look. It is almost colorless – only wearing white shirts and black pencil skirts, and if you are very brave – mabye a dark blue blazer…!!!


If you ask me – this is a completely outdated stereotype. The modern day business lady is her own boss, not trying to fit into a specific frame – she wears whatever she likes! You create your own fashion, associated with the business you conduct. At least I can assure you, that I plan on being quite the colorful and playful business lady – with just as high ambitions as the ladies on the pictures, while being just as busy! My phone will just have a furry cover on it, and my shoes will have pompoms on them. 


For this post, I chose one of my most colorful outfits – holografic skirt, pink adidas, pompoms on my shoes and vivid green knit wearing no make up. The point being to show the biggest contrast possible haha! Are there any business ladies out there – who dare to dress outside the frame? I would love to hear your thoughts on this! 

Pompoms and furry regards

MOSS with many faces

One of my favorite plants and natures true work of art, is MOSS ! Seriously – if you think about it, moss is really amazing! The different shades of green, the soft texture and interresting shapes… How it coveres stones and makes a natural, soft bed. I love to lie on it, love to look at it, and I love to stroke it… *sigh*
As you have probably figured out already, I find moss extremely interresting! I am crazy about moss..!! As a result, I always take a bunch of moss-pictures when I get the chance.

Here is one pic, which I took while having a wonderful walk on Viðey Island. Let me show you the many faces of moss, and all the magical colors and shapes I managed to pull out of only one picture! Hopefully I can convince you, how brilliant it truly is! (or maybe you just find me crazy after reading this post hahaha!)

Skærmbillede 2017-07-10 kl. 5.33.51 PM

In Iceland there grows a lot of moss, in different variations. In Icelandic culture, there is a deep, rooted respect for moss and a great urge to preserve it. Since it takes ages to grow, and does so in pretty harsh circumstances, it is concerned pretty brutal to rip up a piece of moss – oh yes, that makes you a bad guy in Iceland!!
Skærmbillede 2017-07-10 kl. 5.32.23 PM

Skærmbillede 2017-07-10 kl. 5.30.02 PM

Are you convinced yet….? It is pretty amazing, right?… The most beautiful things are always the artworks of nature.

Skærmbillede 2017-07-10 kl. 5.38.08 PM

As you can see, I got totally in the zone. Got lost in the color madness, and crazy shapes.. One last one!

All hail the moss!

Strawberry-cakes Forever


After living in Denmark for a good amount of years now, having my danish boyfriend and friends teach me a thing or two about danish culture, I feel that two things have stood out foodwise.

Strawberries with cream.. true Danish delight!

Danes are very proud of their potatoes, and their STRAWBERRIES!

Every summer there comes a season where you can buy freshly picked DANISH strawberries and potaoes. During the first years of living in Denmark, I used to get quite the lecture if I ever got home with a box of spanish strawberries or regular potaotes… NO! Apparently you should only ever buy strawberries when the stawberry-season is on, and then only from Denmark!
And you know what… This is so right, the danish stawberries during strawberry season are the absolute best ones.. so sweet and juicy! Now I can never go back…
Well – this was my intro for introducing an even better thing, a by-product of the stawberry season! It is certainly the srawberry-cakes.. And it seriously does not get much better than that!
Chokolate-y almond base with vanilla cream, topped with tons of freshly picked strawberries and thin layer of jellow.
Every bakery has their own version of the cake, so it gets super interresting to taste as many as possible..! Great mission right?
Me and my boyfriend truly share the love for Strawberry cakes. This is one of the reasons for a little bet we made… It goes like this: We had to eat 9 strawberry cakes this summer (before the end of august). If we dont, we have to take a penalty.

When making the bet, we concluded that the consequence of not eating all nine cakes had to be pretty uncomfortable, so that we would be sure to hold the bet. One idea was that we would have to sleep one night directly on the floor, and another was to watch a terribly horrifying horror movie with eyes open the whole time, or jump into the disgusting and filthy lake near our apartment….Which one do you think is most terrifying??…haha!

So, right now we are more than half way trough. 6 out of 9 DONE! .. we only have one month left, will we make it..?? It means a loooot of cakes in August. haha! Lets see….!

Sweet-tooth regards

The struggle pays off – I GOT IN!!


Last friday I recieved a letter. It was a letter of joy, dreams, excitement and relief. It was a letter of acceptence, from Copenhagen Business School offering my a place on their Bachelor programme: Business Administration & Psychology (Ha. Psyk)!

I was at work when I got the news. The night before I had to borrow some of my boyfriends sleeping medicine (Natural herbs, nothing crazy haha) just to be able to sleep – I was so anxious to know what news I would get, the morning after. When I finally recieved the letter I felt so much EXCITEMENT for the next three years – all the new challenges to take on, all the interresting courses to study and new skills to gain! It is truly a dream come true, and I feel so priviliged to get this opportunity! It is so overwhelming.


Another emotion that came over me was RELIEF. To be honest, it has been a hell of a struggle for me to get accepted at schools here in Denmark. Twice I have got declied to schools. That is rough shit, when you feel so motivated and ready but you have to wait yet anoter year! The reasons why have mainly been lack of merit for my Icelandic Student Exam and Technical Degree. The Danish educational system and welfare in general is funcioning exceptionally – schools are for free and the quality of education is excellent. Nevertheless there are downsides, such as the heavy weigh bureaucracy that comes with applying to schools. The rules are stricht and allthough it is fairly easy for scaninavian people to move here for work and study, it is still a huge proces. In my case, I had to take an extra enligsh course, raise my level of mathematics and take a three hour danish test (in danish litterature history LOL). This was all in addition to my totally legitimate (but Icelandic) student exam, which I all of a sudden felt was worth nothing – and I was even the nerdy type, that never skipped class and got high grades – haha!


Long story short, I went on and fought for aligning my Icelandic exam to the strict Danish frames of education, and finally: It all payed off!!! I am so proud and grateful!
So now is the time, to place all that hard work (and bitterness that came along) behind me, be proud to be a fighter, and enjoy the extreme satisfaction of finally achieving my goal!!

I should maybe get used to wearing a white shirt now huh?.. Is’nt that what business ladies do…? Well I will wear it with style – And the one I am wearing here counts as one too, right!!

Happy feelings