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A sh(o)ot of PASSION


Image by Inge Lynggaard Hansen

Last month I went on a little trip to Aarhus for a passion project! Those kinds of projects are my favorite ones – it always gives me a kick of encouragement, to work with people who are passionate about what they do, and are on the pursuit of making their dream project come true. 

Some weeks before, I got some great news from my good friend Sunna; She was finally going to realize her dream of releasing her own album. Me and Sunna have been friends since forever (seriously, our friendship is more than ten years old now), and the music and singing has always been such a big part of Sunna’s life and identity. She has such pure talent, intriguing voice and her lyrics are so poetic, relatable and powerful. I am so proud, that she is taking the plunge and putting her talent out there, so that we can finally enjoy, relate to and get inspired by her artistry.

One part of the process of releasing the EP, was to take pictures for the album cover and other material. And this is where I came in to the picture – I was honored and thrilled to get to be a part of Sunnas pursuit of making her dream happen. 


Image by Inge Lynggaard Hansen

For the occation, I wanted to make her a special Kimono, that she could wear for the shoot. So I rushed out in the fabric store, played a little with my sketch book and went to my creative bubble by the sowing machine for a whole day. The result was this long, lace, bell sleeved kimono, with detailed stitches on the sleeves and along the neckline. Luckily Sunna loved it – and wore it for the shoot. 




Images by Inge Lynggaard Hansen

We met with the photographer Inge once in the afternoon, and then again during the early morning – to catch the sunrise! The real magic happened when we met the second time. It was 4 in the morning and the location was by the water in Aarhus, at the “never-ending-bridge”. It was so calm, we were the only people there and the only sounds were from our footsteps, the water and the birds. We all agreed that one should do this a lot more often – wake up early to se the sunrise in the calm horisont.. but one always chooses to sleep in right? There is something so special about the calmness and peacefulness of an early morning. So effortlessly beautiful and relaxing. This truly did reflect on the pictures, that came out of that shoot – amazingly magical and intriguing. Sunna looked so beautiful, strong and feminine.. it was thrilling to see her bravely embarking on this new chapter in her life, realizing her full potential and making her dream come true. A true inspiration, to all the dreamers out there! 


Image by Inge Lynggaard Hansen

Currently Sunna is funding the project on Karolina Fund, where you can go in and support her in making this happen! You can read more about Sunna on her Karolinafund page, or on her facebook pagewww.facebook.com/sunnamusic and Instagram @sunnagud

Sunna Gudlaugsdottir

Image by Inge Lynggaard Hansen

My fingers (and toes, for that matter) are crossed – I am looking very much forward to see what this powerwomen will bring to the table in the future!!!

All images are by Inge Lynggaard Hansen


Cherry Dreams Bridal


Last summer i made a unique wedding gown for my old partner in creativity Birta Rán! The dress was inspired from the boheme Rad Susie handmade collection: Cherry Dreams, but was customized to fit and suit Birtas wishes. 

You can see more pictures of the process from making the dress in this blogpost! As soon as the dress was ready, i sent it off tho Iceland in a small green package! 

And a few weeks later, the beautiful, magical pictures of Birta in the dress appeared and I was thrilled to se how elegant and stunning she looked! Here are some of the pictures from the sunny wedding in Iceland. 

The dress had a V-neck and was wrapped around the waist in a bow. There were details in the back, stitches along the lace and a bare back behind the lace. A very feminine silhouette with elegant details – and Birta wore it so brilliantly ! 

There is something so magical about making wedding dresses.. It feels so rewarding, and special!


Wedding pictures by Bernhard Kristinn

A Rainbow dress for a Rainbow girl pt. 2

Here’s another post on the process of making the magical rainbow-wedding-dress for the beautiful bride, Mathilde Myrainbowfeeling! For the first stages on the process click on to A Rainbow dress for a Rainbow girl.

After selecting the right designs and choosing out fabric, the time was come to design and draw the pattern for the dress! The dress is made out of two pieces, a skirt and a top. The silhouette is oversized and loose fitted with many layers and frills. This ment that I had a lot of small pieces to cut out and sow together, so to keep track on what was what i had to make post it notes and stacks to sort out different parts of the dress. 

When the dress was mostly ready, we did a second fitting to see if everything was as planned! There we decided on some adjustments – some extra layers and a little extra frill on the top! 

Few weeks later – the dress was ready and we met for the final fitting!.. A funny story is, that neither of us had a stable home-base back then, so we actually did it in the basement of my school! But- despite the uninspiring basement of CBS, we managed to see the magic of the dress and were thrilled by just imagining how Mathilde were going to look in the full bridal outfit! 

Untill now, I have mainly just posted on Mathildes rainbow-wedding-dress, but soon I will do a special post on her ceremonial-wedding-dress witch was a re-make from Mathildes mothers original wedding dress from the 80’s! Also coming up, is a post with Mathildes full wedding look, wearing both dresses and a little something on the rainbow-wedding itself! Untill now, just a little sneak peak from the wedding day… So stay tuned! 


Aiiii is’nt she beautiful!? Such a uniqe and magical bride…!

For further reading check out Mathildes blog for a post on the dresses and an interview with me on the dresses! 

Rainbow love from

A Cherry Dream come true


Last summer to dreamers got together and created Cherry Dreams Collection. Since there is a new Look Book coming up on www.radsusie.com with original clothing from Cherry Dreams along with Rad Susie Vintage I wanted to tell you the story of how the Cherry Dream came true! 

In the summer of 2016 a new inspiring woman entered my life. We were co-workers, both having a great interrest for personal style and fashion. She told me about her online shop Rad Susie, which was a 70´s style inspired vintage brand. I was inspired by her passion and just a while later I joined in on the making of a look book for the shop. I was excited by the magic of her brand and her beautiful lifestyle – living with her husband and two daughters, in an old building which used to be a school, out in the idyllic swedish countryside. 


Only a few weeks later, I got a message from Stella, giving me an offer I could not refuse…. I was to design and make the very first handmade collection for Rad Susie! And so the magic began cooking and to dreamers got together in making their dreams come true, and their ideas come to life. 

We started out creating mood boards, deciding on silhouettes and collection feeling. With inspiration from the mood boards, i started sketching! I remember that I took a whole new sketchbook with me, to a vacation to Iceland, and by the end of the trip it was totally full!

We held meetings over coffee and croissants, while deciding together which styles would be the perfect fit for the original Rad Susie collection. 

A few months later we went to a fabric conference, establishing new contacts for fabric and choosing which textiles to order! The color palette was soft, shades of rose and paisley prints. 


I began working on the pattern making, and made prototypes for the first fitting! 

When the styles were ready, I started producing the collection itself – I decided that now it was finally time to buy myself some real equipment: Two professional sowing machines, an OL and a regular sowing machine. 

A while later, we had the collection ready: Cherry Dreams Collections! We were both thrilled, proud of our accomplicement and happy that we took the leap! It was amazing to work on a project with another brand, to blend our ideas and create something beautiful! 

Soon there is to be released a brand new Look Book with the original styles from Cherry dreams Collection along with Rad Susie vintage – so get ready to dive into the colors, experience the true rad feeling and claim your own exclusive piece to wear with style, from our limited edition assortment. I am so excited to share the new Look Book with you! 

IMG_1387Yours truly

A Rainbow dress for a Rainbow girl


Time for an update on the creative projects on Pale Mist agenda! Finally my exams are done and i have some weeks to breathe and create before I start my second semester at CBS.

As you have probably heard, I will be making the wedding dresses (yes – plural!) for the sweet and colorfull Mathilde but you might also know her from www.myrainbowfeeling.com !

Mathilde approached me last summer with her big smile and asked if I was up for the project. Her dream was to get married in her mothers wedding gown, which is this beautiful silk dress with an 80’s vibe. Still – it needed an upgrade, to fit beautifyul Mathildes style and unique flavour, and that is where I came in the picture! Originally the idea was only to adjust the dress for the ceremony, but we quickly found out that we just HAD to make her another dress from scratch – A true Mathilde Rainbow dress, for her rainbow wedding!


The process has been so much fun, and I will let you in on some of the first stages in this post! We started by exchanging inspiration and pictures, creating a board together in pinterest. Out of our favorite pictures, I made a moldboard and we decided on some colors.

Skærmbillede 2017-07-21 kl. 11.58.34 PM

I then started sketching like crazy from the moldboard. Over some coffee and tiramizu, Mathilde looked through all the sketches and managed to narrow her favorite designs into three dresses.. and then finally she found her favorite, her own unique rainbow-wedding-dress !

Next up was finding the perfect fabric for the gown, and for that we attended this big fabric conference! The possibilities were endless and the ideas erupted in our heads and hearts like a volcano ! All the amazing color combinations and exciting textures.. it was difficult to choose! But we made it – and by the end of november I had received the fabrics for the dress!

Next up is pattern making, cutting and sowing… along with a fitting! It will be so amazing to see this little dream-project come to life! Stay tuned – I will document the proces on my instastory @pale.mist and give you an update again soon here on the blog! Also click onto Mathildes blog for a post on the dresses and an interview with me on the dresses!

See you soon dear readers ❤


The (Love)story of Collection LADIES

Skærmbillede 2017-10-31 kl. 8.54.48 PM

Since I will be making a small production for retail, from collection Ladies I wanted to give you some insight to the thoughts and process behind the original collection!

It was made in 2014 while I was studying to be a Technical Tailor at Reykjavíks School of Design and Craftsmanship. Learning all those pattern making techniques, being around my inspiring classmates and having access to the great professional facilities, all encouraged me to make all the extra I could, out of this motivating experience – I ended up making 20 garments, lauched at a fashion show in february 2014 as an event at Reykjavik Winter Festival.



The very first idea to the designs came to me while having a cozy night at my friend Rósa’s place. She is this beautiful, passionate, creative woman with the purest energy. She was sitting in her bed, and I looked at here while we were having one of our fun nights. Behind her was this black fringe curtain in this soft candle light, reflecting the red sheets and dark colors on the wall. The whole mood, in that moment planted the first seed of the essence that became collection Ladies: Soft shapes and movements, dark shades of red, sisterhood, femininity and the fringe curtain!!!

A fun little detail here is that this actual curtain was used in the collection for some of the most dominating details. My friend went all around town with me to find this exact curtain, but it was sold out everywhere – in the end, she came to my house and gave me the curtain. She told me that if I could turn it into a collection, that would make her much more happy than having it haning over her bed.

The idea developed and I made sketches. As it evolved Ladies became a collection inspired by the female fashion icons through different time periods. Also each piece was named after one of my girlfriends – since their personalities, friendship and femininity was a big and direct influence aswell. The feminine features are embraced in the garments; soft lines of the bare back, ephasis on the waist and round shapes of the chest. Delicate details and soft colors go togehter in gracious harmony, expressing the elegance of a true Lady who embraces her body.



Skærmbillede 2017-06-08 kl. 11.18.34 PM

In my proces, I always get very inspired by materials and generally working with them at the sowing workshop. This often results in me making a completely different garment, than what i sketched in the beginning! For example, the black mesh fringe blouse was never sketched, it just came to me in the process! Now it is one of the most popular pieces, the one I get absolutely most inquiries on when I am wearing, and ultimately it is one out of three chosen items in the mini retail collection!


You can see the full lookbook of Collection Ladies here, and soon the three exclusive pieces will be up for grabs on an upcoming webshop! Wohoo!

Ladylike Love


The blue dress of joy – a story of friendship in creativity. 


Skærmbillede 2017-07-30 kl. 3.39.26 PMHere is a little story that I want to share with you. It is a story about friendship, creative teamwork and the small, but meaningful joys of life!

In 2014 I made my third womenswear collection called Ladies. The garments were feminine, soft shaped with romantic details. For the lookbook I knew I had to find a photographer with a great eye for detail, and someone who could capture the tender feel of the collection.

Back then, I was living in Reykjavík. I was studying at Reykjaviks school of Handicraft to become a Technical Tailor meanwhile working at the local preschool. Many of my colleagues were doing the job part-time like me, while studying. There I met Kristina – a wonderful creative, studying photography, with big love for beauty in the everyday life. She captures the small things that make you happy, creates lovely pictures of a world full of magic and adventures. I remember how she used to play the piano – where even the loudest kids went quiet to listen. I remember how we used to sit by the drawing table together, enjoying water coloring with the children for hours.

It did not take long until i realized, that I had to team up with Kristina and ask if she wanted to take the pictures of collection Ladies. She had never done fashion photography before, but luckily for me, she was willing to try it out and join me on my passion project!

Kristina was so wonderfully inspiring to work with. She had a refreshing take on the art direction, great ambitions and genuine professionalism witch resulted in wonderful pictures. Kristina was able to capture the exact feeling that I wanted to communicate, through the pictures. It was truly a rewarding collaboration. She had given me the greatest gift, using her talents and skill. As a thank you, I made a blue linen dress, custom designed and made for her.

Once in a while, pictures of Kristina wearing the dress, different places around the world, pop up on my screen. Each and every time, I get this true feeling of content. It makes me so happy, to have made something for her, that she loves and wears so much! After all that she had given me, this was the least I could do to repay her!

Skærmbillede 2017-07-30 kl. 3.43.14 PM

Some days ago I got the best message – it was from her, telling me that the blue linen dress is still her favorite. It has now been over three years, since I made her that dress. I find it so wonderful, how those small joys come back to you, warming your heart and motivating your creativity. I feel so grateful to have worked with her, and feel happy every time I am reminded of that lovely, creative trade of ours.

Skærmbillede 2017-07-30 kl. 3.18.34 PM
Happy thoughts

The BIG love for SMALL designers <3


As a small artist myself, I love to meet other artists – hear all about their vision, passion and creations. I love to hear their stories, how they chose the path they are pursuing and how they found their niche. This really plays a big part for me, when falling in love with a new brand: The brand stories, and the brands personality.


At an event in NOABURO shop I met the sweet designer of FEAST STUDIO. She welcomed me with a smile, and with great enthusiasm she told me about her concept, which has evolved around handmade faux furs.


Nova – the designer and owner of FEAST STUDIO took her time to explain everything to me, while I stood there and swamped her with questions haha! And what an artist she is – She devotes her talent and passion into making customized furs. She makes all sizes, all colors and all shapes. Sounds like a true, furry faux fur dream come true right? Each and every pattern is created, cut out in fur, sown together and then trimmed … it is an amazing effort she puts into every product she makes. FEAST STUDIO is truly something I recommend you checking out!
I always feel so inspired myself, meeting people like Nova – who are pursuing their dreams of working with their passion. That is why I wanted to share this with you guys!


On the pictures you can see me and my friend Stefan wear faux fur from FEAST STUDIO – available in NOABURO!

I am already dreaming about my own customized fur.. and you know, I do need a new warm coat for winter… !! What better reason?



A designers request for opinion – Collection Ladies Dreams.


For a while now, I have had this dream of producing a small collection of garments from LADIES for retail. On the photos in this post, I am wearing a jumpsuit from the collection but you can see the full lookbook here.

Often when I wear my pieces from collection LADIES i get requests on where to buy them. The thing is, that I only made one piece of each style – they were all showpieces and never for sale. For every request i get on collection LADIES, the urge to produce the styles for sale grows bigger.
How wonderful it would be, to see sweet ladies out there, wear their own piece from collection LADIES with style and confidence… !! I can only imagine.


This would be the first time, that I produce garments for retail as PALE MIST, where the whole thing and every detail is made by me.

BUT as the name of this post indicates, I need your help on this. Since I am obviously not able to produce the whole collection for retail, I am planning on choosing around 3 styles. That is where you come in – I would truly appreciate, if you could take time to look through collection LADIES lookbook, choose 3 styles you love the most and could see yourself wear. Then, leave a comment with the styles of your choosing (Either on this blogpost, or at the bottom of the lookbook site).


Seeing that I recently just started my bachelors degree, and have a job on the side, this dream is one of those who will slowly, but gradually come true. So this is only a teaser, since I am still wondering if this is something I should do or not… But still – I wanted to throw it out there, se what comes out of it!!


Hope you are up for it!! It would be a big help.
Yours truly dreamer

Overwhelmed and grateful: I won an award!

As some of you might have noticed, I recently won an award from my workplace: Monki!!! Here is the story of the process and a little more about what the Erling Persson award stands for!


The whole thing started when ballots for the Erling Persson Award got delivered to our Monki store at Købmagergade. Each and everyone of us in the store team got one vote each. The person one voted for, had to fulfill some specific Monki criteria – every vote was personal, and anonymous. 

This voting process happened in every Monki store in the world, encouraging the individual Monki employees all around the world to pick a colleague who they are inspired by or feel represent the Monki values – how great is that btw?

When the votes were in, each store manager reported to the Monki country’s managers who then chose one Monki winner for each country.

IMG_2779When I first heard of the Erling Persson Award project I was thrilled! I found it so exciting and motivating. For me, it incited a positive thought process, where you went around at work finding positive traits about your colleagues, and thinking what makes them a unique colleague. 

On a saturday night late in september, at a staff dinner with my Monki shop, my store manager stood up and made an announcement.

She told us that the votes for Erling Persson Award were counted, and we had not only found the winner for our store, but also – this same person had been picked out by the area management team to be Denmarks Monki representative, moving forward in the process.

She held the frame, close to her while reading the motivation for the award:

“This person is described as being a true Monki Ambassador, 

Always has the company’s best interest in mind,

someone we can all learn from,

open minded and including,

strong and inspiring personal style,


brings out the best in the people she works with,

always makes your day every time you work together,

compliments everybody in their daily work and makes them feel important and valuable,

always positive,

has a vibrant and engageing way of meeting the customers and is a role model for the team.” 

She looked up at me and said “This person is Særós Mist Hrannarsdóttir” and handed me the frame…!!!!!! I could feel this huge wave of joy and surprise go through my body. My whole face felt so warm and the tears began to stream down my cheeks. I held the frame up to cover my face. I had so much to say, yet I was completely without words. I felt so grateful that my colleagues had voted for me, and that they appreciated my effort so much.. I felt so loved and so overwhelmed. I realized how much it meant for me, to receive this gratification and how this motivated me even further to keep on being myself and believe in that.


Seriously, this was so amazing.. !! So hard to describe how this felt, so much love in one place and I could not stop crying!

After the dinner we went out, and I danced the night away for hours with my lovely team!

I feel so honored and grateful to have recieved this wonderfully enriching award! I will absolutely live high on this for a looong time!!