Cherry Dreams is a womenswear collection designed and handmade by Pale Mist designer Særós Mist. The collection is available online, and was made for the boheme and 70’s inspired online brand Rad Susie.

In the summer of 2016, two dreamers got together and aspired to create unique clothing for all the Rad Susie’s out in the world. With pure inspiration from the playful 70’s and plenty of passion, their dream came true.
With delight we present the very first original Rad Susie collection. We hope to inspire, but only you can create Rad Susie and it is you who can decide who and what Rad Susie really is. Dive into the colors, experience the true rad feeling and claim your own exclusive piece to wear with style, from our limited edition assortment.

Sop now at


Design: Særós Mist
Photo: Stella Sersam
Styling: Særós Mist & Stella Sersam
Models: Lisa Harrsen, Kelly Curran & Sóley Eiríksdóttir


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