A womenswear collection, including twentyone garments designed and handmade by Pale Mist designer Særós Mist. This is the debut collection of Særós Mist which she launched at a fashion show in the summer of 2007, only fifteen years of age at the time.  The showpieces of collection Fall were sold at a designers collective store “Fígúra” in downtown Reykjavík, that same summer.

Young is inspired by the colorful and energetic years of youth and early adulthood. Emotion overload mixed with confused life expectations, erupting in a raging sensation. Texture and color contrasts clashing in a surprising visual balance, symbolizing the many controverisals of a young adult.

Design and Styling: Særós Mist
Photo: Egill Bjarki Jónsson
Model: Anna Karólína Gestsdóttir